Michael Hohenstein

Your partner for isofloc products in Sweden and Norway.

Thermal insulation? Noise insulation? You too can find the optimum insulation for your building project.

isofloc is the market leader for injectable insulating materials made of regenerative raw materials and offers solutions for the entire system of injection insulating materials. More than 1000 specialist companies throughout Europe work with the proven and successful isofloc insulating system. The system is based on three pillars – products, services and mechanical engineering – which must be coordinated for an optimum result. isofloc fulfils the customers’ wishes over the entire range of loose insulating materials and has a better command of this system than anyone else.

isofloc cellulose insulation

Whether it concerns the internal or external insulation of walls or the thermal insulation of floors, ceilings or roofs: isofloc proves to be the perfect solution for virtually all insulating tasks.

isofloc air sealing

With isofloc, all components are matched to one another for optimum results. These also include a range of air sealing products.


Michael Hohenstein

Michael Hohenstein
S-52495 Ljung

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  • outstanding performance for protection against heat, cold and sound
  • hygroscopic and moisture regulative
  • tested fire safety
  • perfect fit for every thickness and shape with only one material
  • excellent profitability
  • lowest production-energy consumption of all industrially produced insulation materials
  • high-quality installer training


The cellulose insulation material isofloc L/LM is natureplus certified.